August 20, 2013

My Life in a Nutshell

   This is a lengthy post about my life and the going's on in my head. I thought I would give fair warning. :) If interested, feel free to take a peak. I threw in a few photos for you too.
Random pic of  Tinkerbell and I chilling on Chains of Love made by my motherinlaw Sharon Campbell.
  In my mind, I think I am just the average  mommy, wife, and friend. I am a little bit of a home body.  The other hats I wear are chef, chauffer, and maid.  I quilt and sew. I love shopping for fabric. I could spend have spent hours looking at fabric. I like to wing it in life, but I do better with a plan. I  help out the hubby with  mowing our grass. I am lucky that my hubby works hard and supports us. He also is very handy and has a small wood work shop. This is so helpful.  I don't mind getting my hands dirty. We diy renovate. He says," a couple that renovates together. Stays together." I love that saying. It definitely is a team builder experience.

 Jared's Room Renovation

       Summer here is the main part of life in Pensacola, FL. We have beautiful white beaches. The rest of the year is pretty boring. All winter and spring I  look forward to sticking my toes in the sand.  I get excited about going to the movies or going out to dinner. Weekends are spent hanging out with family or friends. I love playing rock band on the Wii. I kill it on the drums. My husband is expert on guitar and his best friend Jeremy is too.  My friend Nina is guitar and vocals. We all take a vocal turn. Wow, that was really revealing myself there. Hahaha! Just a geek at heart! I'll just take it over the edge, my sister and I do the Just Dance. The kids love dancing along too. It's a blast. Moving on from the nerdy side,  I have a huge soft spot for chocolate. We usually have family movie night on Sunday's. I look forward to that. I love my family and children. We are very tight knit.

     Sometimes, my friends will call up checking to see what's going on over here. They know if all is too quiet, I must be into something. I'm a Gemini. So, something is always brewing. Hehehe. My curiosity is always in high swing. Curiosity killed the Gemini. It's so true!  Lately, I've been blog hopping. My secret, I like to check out blogs that my favorite bloggers follow. Bloglovin' (which I just signed up for recently) actually lists the number of blogs that I follow. The one really cool feature on Bloglovin' is the friend's recent activity. It lets you see who they like and started follow.

      I blog to share, make friends, and have fun. I love seeing all the beautiful creations and mishaps. I love to get a good laugh. It's medicine for my soul. However, my sense of humor is whack.  I laugh at things that happen in real life. Like, messing something up. Not reading something right and just totally bombing it! Yes, I laugh if someone falls. Not a bad fall though. Like recently my daughter Kenzie tripped on the front step and hit her head on the corner of the screen door. My heart jumped in my throat, and I literally imploded. She was the brave one. She got three stitches and not one tear. 

     From reading a lot of blogs I follow, I noticed a trend. Bloggers like lists. I love lists too. It soothes me. My list is a must when I am losing my mind overwhelmed. There's a summer list here on my blog. I need a check mark for it. :) If I was more of a techie I would be able to check it off. Maybe, I could put a line through it. Ha! That's what I'll do. Who needs all these buttons? Yeah, I know... I do. I've really become attached to some of these blogs. Literally, everyday when I open my blogger dashboard to check in (you would think) on my blog. I am really getting my coffee(blog) goodness for the day.  I hope I am not the only one....Just an average person. ;) I like to think that anyway; So, don't laugh.

     I know I say this a lot. I just like to keep it simple, but fun. Hope you enjoyed my rambling today.

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