August 15, 2013

My lil Fabric Stash

I saw a bunch of beautiful fabric stashes and spaces over Sarah Quilts. So, I am linking up to share my slice of heaven. Although, secretly, I am sooo wishing some of those fabrics spaces would come live here! One day, I will get there.
Here it is..I folded it and straightened just for this post.
 I keep my clothing fabrics on the bottoms. There's more denim under the bed in a container in our room.'s hiding out there for a day when I am thinking about denim. I haven't thought about denim in a while. I may have to go in and put the fabrics for clothes somewhere else soon. I am looking forward to that. That means shopping and sales!

This is my cutting station. I keep one bin for tools. The drawer holds some templates and cording and things. One bin has scraps that are just teeny weeny bits. One is for strips. There's one more bin nearby.

The purple bin on the dresser is for 2" squares. I cut them as I go when I am just plugging along at my turtle speed. I house my take-a-long container that is ready for outings under the table. The white box is for patterns. The cutting table is normally set up by the window. The light is nice there. It is nice that I can watch the kids play too.

 I have the frame set up waiting on the arms for the Janome I just got. I can't wait. Side note-the free motion foot and plate to cover the feed dogs are here. Right after this post,  I am going to make some coasters for  my sister-in-laws house warming this Saturday. So, I am going to free motion something on there. I have no idea what yet.

Back to my room. I have two drawers in the table that have glue gun, tape, buttons, etc...
I house my WIP on the air hockey table in the back and under I am using for batting storage and the frame when it is not in use.

As I was taking the photos, I realize I need to make some pretty quilted things for this room. I will be working on that in the near future. After I play on my Janome a bit. Happy sewing and thanks for checking out my space.


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    1. Thanks, I really enjoy having a sewing "space". The kitchen table can get small.


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