September 23, 2013

Fish Bowl Quilt


I finally got this quilted and off the frame! I did really big swirls for the quilting. I tried to outline the fish, but the thing is the wheels needed to be sprayed with silicone.  Now, I know that I should do that every time. So, it was a bit joggy. I think I just made up that word.  I had to pick out so much quilting on this. It was insane!! Once the swirls went on it, I told myself, love or leave it, they R staying! . . I love taking photos at night with no lighting. Hey, I just take the picture whatever time it is. It's not the best, but when I put on the binding I will try to get a daylight picture. Noon is the best time. Just maybe I will be able to get the binding on before noon. :)

I love the backing. I think it turned out fab. I love, love, love that I get to keep it and put it in the living room to snuggle under. I mean, the new season of Castle is coming out, and I can get cozy and watch my shows. I can't wait. It really is a coincidence that there's some kind of make it for me sew along going on right now.

This back just seems really beachy. I love the large floral. In person it reminds me of corral. I was hooked. I just loved the coral that was on the front. So, I thought I would just add some in the back. What the heck. It was a super easy addition.
The quilting gave me fits. I tried corral. Then, decided against it. I tried to outline the fish. It wasn't working with the wheels needing to be oiled. So, I just went a little more basic. I just didn't want to do the meander.
Anywoo, that's what's going on in the sewing den. I'm in the recliner now relaxing. Blog at ya later.

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