September 22, 2013

Ipad Quilted Cover

     I got my Patchwork Please book not to long ago, and I made the Piece of Cake Shopping Bag. I really love this book! I just really wish that their were more photos.  Some of it leaves me wondering, what does that mean? 
Quilted Ipad Cover

I quilted some swirls on the front and some wheels on the sleeve. This is my first time working with snaps. It took me three times to get it right. First I smashed the snap with the hammer. Then, round two, I read the instructions . So, I used the spool and hammer. Then, I got the snap on the wrong side. So, I took a break. I came back two days later, and nailed it.
The pocket was tricky. There are really only finished pictures on this one. I took the 9"x11" pocket and folded it in half on the 11" part. I cut the interfacing 5.5"x5.5"  like the  directions said. I found the half mark on each. Then lined it up on the pocket. Anyway, it was done. A little confusing.
I barely understood the flap. I sewed the flap, left the opening, and turned it. Then, put the snap inside. It could've been put on the outside. It was just a personal choice. I'm not exactly sure why the pocket is not all together. I may adjust that as well next time.
Theres actually a pucker here that you can't see. The lovely pocket covered it up. I love how things hide little mistakes.
This is the back.
I like it. It's a mock up. At least, it's a learning experience. I am linking up with Debbie A Quilter's Table.


  1. OOoh pretty swirls - love the polkas and the stripeys. Patterns are always the best the second time round, right?!! Haha- usually I don't make it to the second time, I am on to something else! Third time lucky on the snap - who need instructions haha!

    1. Thanks! I love polka dot! I don't know why that snap had to make it so hard? ;) I see now why they come in a pack of 12. Hehe!

  2. Well it looks really great! I didn't get to make this project but I've heard several people mention that the pocket was confusing. Sorry about that! Glad you have enjoyed sewing with us though!

    1. Thanks for inspiring me to get the book and join! Even though I caught the tail end of it. I am still going to go back through and make it. Small projects make me happy!

  3. This looks great, Yvonne! Your quilting is so beautiful!
    I sure wish there were more photos in the book too.


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