April 5, 2016

Rainbow Mini Swap Finish-FAL Q1 Finish

I am linking up a few of my finishes. That is all I got done, and they are mostly small finishes. I will definetely take any finish though. Since, I have barely been making a dent in anything last year. This year is already starting out very productive. I hope that the next quarter knocks more off this list. Although, I am getting somewhere on the AMH plus quilt. Yay, 100 blocks. I love swaps, and this is one of my last mini swaps of the year. I am taking a hiatus. I love swapping though. So, I will be back at it soon. I thought this would be fun for my partner, and I love paper piecing. She loved grey and I love prints. She loves solids. So, I married them. They are living happily ever after bound with polka dots.
You can find the orignal link up here.

Beautiful Esme from Love Patchwork Quilting Magazine

Linking up for the FAL Q1

A Quilter's Table


  1. That is a gorgeous Mini!! Thank you for sharing it with the FAL community, on behalf of the FAL global hosts.

  2. That is so pretty Yvonne! Well done!

    1. Thanks Vera, I think it turned out pretty good. I don't suggest changing machines up in the middle of a project. I did that on this mini. Lesson learned.


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