October 28, 2013

Applique Rings Tutorial

How to get beautiful turned applique with these rings or anything with a curved edge. It's really pretty easy with a couple items.
You will need:  Light weight fusible interfacing, and a Teflon sheet for ironing. The usual items. Sewing machine, thread, scissors, and iron.

My fabric is ready for the applique process. I have laid it right sides together on the fusible side of the interfacing. It feels bumpy on the fusible side. I have smoothed out the ring and pinned them together. This avoids any shifting while sewing. I also left the interfacing bigger just in case anything shifts. You never know, and I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I am going to sew a 1/4 inch seam around the outside edge. I am using the right side of the presser foot as my guide. I keep the fabric lined up with the edge of the foot.
I am going to sew 1/4 inch on  this inside edge going in the opposite direction. I want to make sure that the needle is in the down position when I stop sewing. This makes it efficient to lift the foot and pivot the fabric and follow the curve with the right side of the presser foot. I went a little slower on the inside to make sure that I get the nice curved stitching.

Once sewn, I trimmed off the excess interfacing around the outside and cut out the middle. I also cut the little notches around the outer and inner circle. I made sure not to cut past the seam. It takes some extra time, but it makes turning easier.  I cut the interfacing right in the middle of the circle area. Be careful to pull the interfacing apart from the fabric before you cut. You don't want to slip and nick the fabric. I did that on the 2nd one. Not good.

Now, we are going to turn it right side out. Finger pressing to get a nice circle.

 Lay it fusible side down on *Teflon (which is shown in the above photo) and  use the iron with no steam. I  tried to stay close to the edge when ironing to keep the fusible from wearing off. The Teflon is keeping the fusible from sticking. It's really neat to use this for the first time. Good stuff!
 * The longer the iron stays in contact with the fabric, it will be heating up the  fusible. It will make the fusible wear off from getting heated up too much. *
 Then, work your way around the inner edge tucking and quick pressing with the iron.

Here it is before sewing. Now, I place it where I want it to be and iron it down. I start with the outside and then do the inside. Now, you can really press to get the fusible side to set.

I used the nylon clear thread in the top, and a colored thread in the bobbin. I used a invisible hem stitch.  You can also use whatever thread combo you want to use and whichever applique stitch on it that you want. You can use a straight stitch close to the edge even or a blanket stich. That would work well here. A zig zag would work too, but it's really up to you.
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October 23, 2013


It arrived the Cloud 9 fabrics that I won from the Zakka Along! 

I didn't have enough of the cutesy fabrics to finish the broken herringbone that I started on the Q4 FAL list .  I won these gems with Debbie @ A Quilter's Table. It was my first giveaway win. I miss that sew along for sure. Hubby was in love with these fabrics, and he really likes the Broken Herringbone. So, I plunged in last night and started cutting.

Hopefully, there will be a finish soon! Blog at ya later!
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October 16, 2013

Lemon Squeezy Finished

I started early yesterday morning on cutting and getting the binding together. All I can think about is getting this out of the way. The crazy thing is my sister really likes this one. So, I believe, this will be hers now. I can still visit it. LOL This is short and tart sweet.

This quilt while being so easy seemed to really be torture towards the end. I pulled through. It's done, and I can cross this off the Q4 FAL list.

There's Roxie the photo bomber. I am soooo happy this is done. I won! Hope ya'll get something done today. Blog at ya later.

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October 13, 2013

Q4 Fal

1. Finish Lemon Squeezy. I need to put this one to rest. I have thought about the garbage can several times. I can't let it defeat me. I only need to quilt the borders and add binding. Every time I get this on the machine, something goes wrong. Done!



2. Finish Galaxy. I am determined to get these big ones done. The big rings are appliqued on the outer edge right now. So, that they hold position. This quilt has been getting daily attention. I am in love with it.

3. Catch up on Farmer's Wife QAL. I would like to have 50 complete by the end of FAL.

4. Finish Broken herringbone quilt. Here's the problem. I started this without enough fabric to finish it, and now I can't get two of the fabrics in the block. So, this is a do over. Ugh! My tip is before sewing, make sure that the fabrics you want are still there and go get the fabrics. I thought they would be there, and I was wrong.  Done in different fabrics!

5. Complete swoon quilt.

6. Finish Quilt as you go Hexes. I forgot all about these. What?!?!  I was looking through my photos, and I was like oh yeah. I remember those. They are really quick blocks.
7. I am going to make another double wedding ring mini and enter into the DWR challenge. It is fast approaching. This was my first attempt, it needs some work.

8. Sock Monkey that my daughter has been asking for all year.
9.  I have a shirt that I've had just stashed away since August of 2012.  It's time to knock that one out. 
11. Star Trek Quilt. I have some fabric, piece of paper with design and that is all.
   The list may be light for some, but this is a huge undertaking for me. I don't know if sleeping will happen, and I always like to start new project. Christmas is coming, and I know that I would like to make some things for Christmas. Which will probably be separate from this list because I haven't come up with any brilliant ideas....yet. They are there. Here's to crazy lists. Blog at ya later.



October 12, 2013

Small Circle Applique

I am having a glitch with these small circles. I am in need of  advice or help. Please read on...  I am working on the circle quilt.

So, I have figured out how to turn the rings. That wasn't a very big issue, and they are looking pristine. I want these quarter sized circles to have that same turned edge.  Am I off my rocker, thinking that this can be done effectively???

The small circles have me pulling my hair out! So, the first one on the left looks like a small asteroid. An asteroid... not what I was looking for at all.  The second one, I tried to avoid getting any points in it by putting the stitch length to 1 instead of 2. This helped, but not that much. :(

This is the second attempt. Hideous, but I'm keeping it real. This is my mock up piece. So, that I could work out the kinks.
This is what I came up with...
 I used aluminum foil to fold the fabric around the circle cardboard template. I pressed with an iron. I pulled off the foil, pulled out template, and glued this to the quilt. The glue is what you see  around the circle. It will wash out. I am not worried about that part. Sorry, that it's messy.
What I am concerned about is the clean look. The only thing I haven't tried is hand turning. I am not sure what to do here, or if the picture below is at the level that can be added to the quilt??
Please help! Someone somewhere must have a brilliant idea to share....I hope so! I will continue to work on the big rings while I am waiting on my fellow wonderful, awesome,brilliant ...you get the drift...quilters to help. Thank you in advance. :)

October 9, 2013

Prettified Pincushion-Zakka Along

      I love this pincushion. It was pretty easy and very quick. If  I did a project all at one time, I could tell you how long. That never happens around here.  I learned how to do a covered button. It's always excited to learn something new in a project. That is one of the things I love about this book. There are little twists to a project that are new to me.

The paper piecing was not that hard on this at all. The part that was a tad difficult was the flat corners. You just gotta push the fabric out of the way and try not to get the pucker.

The sew along is over now. I didn't do a lot of the projects. So, I will continue on with the sewing. There's some cute pepper coasters, apron, envelopes, and cute little placemats. Okay, so everything in the book is super cute! That's why I had to buy it! Best purchase this year. You should get one! The author Ayumi @Pink Penguineven stopped by and wrote some comments here. That was really awesome!

Linking up with Debbie @ A Quilter's Table. Thanks so much for the sew along. I was lucky to win a prize last week for linking up my Embroidery Pouch. I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. I will post pics as soon as they arrive. This was my first giveaway win!!! I did a happy dance too! I'm a nut.

Blog at ya later.

October 6, 2013

Sweet Trips Embroidery Pouch

It's done under the wire. I am just so happy that it's done. The book lists this at 3 stars. The piecing on the front is exactly where the trouble was at  for me. I started out cutting to piece it. The finish took a whole other direction.

The birds were the only fabric that I had that I had to fussy cut. I had just enough for the inside. I don't have pinking sheers, and no pink felt. Bah! I guess, I need to go shopping. Hehe!


I have never had so many "change my mind" moments. First, I thought that the owls would work. Well, duh, they are not on point. I think I cut before my coffee set in really good. :) I was going to recut, but they wouldn't fit on point. So, birdies it is...

I started paper piecing the pattern copied straight from the book. What?!? I didn't see that it was supposed to be enlarged. I went back and was reading the size of the outside and really looking at it. Wow, I don't know what I was doing. I hate to admit these things, but this is really what  happened.

I paper pieced it with the enlarged version.

It looks really messy, but that's why I love paper piecing. It cleans up real nice.

This is how I marked the back. I like to know what colors go where. So, I marked it. I was using just the letter, and I couldn't make out what letters they were. Ha! So, I wrote out the whole word.

I used the edge of the paper to get my quarter inch seam allowance,
Then, I just rip out the paper.
I love showing all the messy bits. :)


The rest is history. The pockets and even the vinyl were a breeze. I wish that the binding was smaller. I sewed it down, and then decided it was a little big. I didn't want to seam rip it out. So, it's there to stay.
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